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William Timmons is an Attorney, Entrepreneur, and State Senator, living in Greenville, SC.


Attorney, Entrepreneur

William Timmons is an attorney and entrepreneur living in Greenville. He is the State Senator for District 06 in South Carolina.
In four years with the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s office, he prosecuted crimes including murder, white-collar crime and domestic violence. Concerned that domestic violence victims were not being well-served by the court’s processes, he helped create a centralized DV court for domestic violence cases in Greenville County.
Timmons owns multiple small businesses: Swamp Rabbit CrossFit, Timmons & Company, LLC, and Soul Yoga.
A native of Greenville, Timmons attended George Washington University, where he earned a degree in International Affairs and Political Science, and the University of South Carolina, completing his law degree and at the same time, earning a Masters in International Studies.
A lifelong and active member of Greenville’s Christ Church, Timmons also has served his community as a board member for Pendleton Place for Children and Families, the American Red Cross, the Upstate Heart Ball, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Upstate.

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The sanctity of life from conception to old age must be respected and protected. I am a Christian and it is one of my most closely held beliefs that life is a gift from God. We must protect life.


As a gun owner and a former prosecutor, I fully believe the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms is one of our most fundamental rights. It must be protected and preserved at all costs.


Thank you to District 06 for electing me as your State Senator! I am truly humbled by the support of the voters. You all made this possible, and I want to unite District 06 so we move our State in the right direction!

William's Endeavors

In addition to serving in the South Carolina State Senate, William Timmons is an attorney at Timmons & Company and owns the Swamp Rabbit CrossFit gym as well as Soul Yoga.

South Carolina Senate

In November of 2016 William was elected to serve as the senator from District 06.


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William Timmons, SC Senate

Timmons & Company

Business. Real Estate Development. Law. Timmons & Co LLC is William's firm located in downtown Greenville, SC.


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William Timmons LLC, Lawyer in Greenville SC

Swamp Rabbit CrossFit

In 2012 William opened one of the premier CrossFit gyms on the East Coast, located directly on the Swamp Rabbit trail.


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Swamp Rabbit Crossfit

Soul Yoga

In 2016 William helped open Soul Yoga, a hot power yoga studio on the Swamp Rabbit trail (next door to Swamp Rabbit CrossFit.)


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Soul Yoga